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find-best-personal-injury-lawyer-ukThe following are some of the UK’s leading personal injury law firms, as determined by the Legal 500 and Chambers and other considerations including client feedback, solicitor ratings, successful cases and more.

Find the Best Accident Claims Solicitors for You

They have specialist personal injury solicitors who can act for you as a claimant (in England & Wales) and pursuer (in Scotland) and help you claim compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of others:-

England & Wales Top Injury Law Firms (see also Legal 500 here and Chambers here)

The following are some of the top English personal injury law firms you could instruct to help you claim compensation for your injury:-

Scotland Top Injury Law Firms (see also Legal500 here + Chambers here)

Other Injury Lawyers & PI Claims Management Companies

The following personal injury lawyers and claims management companies are also worth considering. Note that having a local specialist injury solicitor may be better for you than having a national one:-

Specialist Types of Injury Lawyers

Cycling Accident Lawyers

Wiggle Legal “We’ve created Wiggle Legal to get you back on your bike as fast as possible in the event of a cycling accident injury. Wiggle Legal is a no win no fee service to help cyclists to claim fair compensation.”

Cycle Law Scotland “Cycle Law Scotland provides cyclists with unrivalled, specialist, personal representation with accident claims.”

Cycle-SOS “Cycle SOS ‘The Cyclists National Helpline’ is made up of a highly trained team of specialist personal injury cycling lawyers that have recovered millions of pounds for people making bicycle accident claims.”

Brain / Head Injury Lawyers

Headway (Head Injury Lawyers Directory) “Find specialist solicitorsrel=”follow” with experience in handling brain injury cases. Each of the solicitors featured in this Directory has agreed to work within the Headway Personal Injury Lawyers code of conduct, which tells you about the service you can expect from your solicitor.”

Fletchers Solicitors “ours is an award-winning team whose chief goal isn’t just to bring you the best financial compensation from your claim (although our team has personally recovered over £98 million for our seriously injured customers in the last 3 years alone). Our team always works on a no win-no fee basis, but for us that isn’t what we’re about. We’re about making sure that you are looked after.”

Medical Negligence Lawyers

Calio Claims: “We regularly help people make medical negligence claims if they have suffered unexpected problems following medical or dental treatment, advice or surgical procedures. ”

Thompsons Solicitors: “The Times has named us as one of the best law firms for clinical negligence and personal injury for four years running, and we have some of the UK’s best medical negligence solicitors on our team.”

Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors: “We are experts at dealing with all types of claims for compensation arising from Medical and Clinical Negligence”

R James Hutcheon Solicitors: Fatal Accident Claims – Clinical Negligence – “If you wish to seek advice or legal support please contact the fatal accident solicitors as soon as possible – there is a lot we can do to help bereaved families to help get to the truth of what happened and seek some form of justice to what has tragically happened.”

Slater & Gordon: “Our team of clinical and medical negligence solicitors are experts in dealing with NHS and private medical claims of all kinds.”

Leigh Day: “You need experts to understand the medical issues being challenged. As experts over many years in the field of clinical negligence, the Leigh Day team can call on experience which has been gained from fighting hundreds of cases.”

Other Local Personal Injury Law Firms

  • Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyers

Coley & Tilley

“With experience of claims from £1,000 to £2 million, our Personal Injury (PI) service gives you 100% compensation.”

Anthony Collins Solicitors

“Our personal injury solicitors are recognised at a national level, top-ranked in the West Midlands and accredited to specialist panels. For many years, we have been specialists in a range of personal injury cases, including road traffic accidents, accidents at work and in public places, and injuries suffered as a result of a crime, or through negligence in a care home.”

  • Manchester Personal Injury Solicitors

For a note of some of the top Manchester-based Personal Injury Lawyers click here.

  • Leeds Injury Law Firms

Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP

Your Local Personal Injury Solicitors in Leeds. 9 in 10 claims personal Injury enquiries result in a successful claim. Medical Negligence Claims, Road Accident Claims, Work Injury Claims, Personal Injury Claims. No Hassle and No Win No Fee. Our clients are always put first and we are determined to secure the maximum compensation possible.

Ison Harris Solicitors

“Ison Harrison has a national reputation for personal injury work. We have been successfully acting for clients for over 25 years. As our profile has increased in this field, so have the number of people who approach us for advice. Each year, we take instructions from more than 2000 people who have been injured through no fault of their own.” 

See also our specific guide to some of the Best Work Accident Claims Lawyers in Leeds & Bradford, Yorkshire.

  • Newcastle

Beecham Peacock LLP

“As one of the UK’s most respected personal injury solicitors and accident claims practitioners, Beecham Peacock’s team of personal injury experts are trusted by some of the largest Trade Unions ”

Top 5 Tips for Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer in the UK

Accidents can happen to anyone and there’s only so much tell anyone to be careful. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to hire a personal injury lawyers, here are some tips that can help you find one of the best accident claims lawyers for you:-

Hire your Injury Lawyer in UK with These Tips

  1. Begin with a helpful background check on all of the top available injury lawyers

Since there are many personal injury lawyers in the UK, you’ll never know which one is the most appropriate for you. But don’t worry – just figure it out by doing some research. Make a list for yourself (the average number of injury lawyers people will contact is around 3) and from there, choose the best lawyer that suits your situation or case. Look into his or her background so that, before your conversation, at least you know about the lawyer you are going to hire. 

  1. Do not be afraid to ask questions about your compensation claim

When you meet the personal injury lawyer of your choice, do not be afraid to ask questions. It is a useful way to know the person and the firm more. Communication is the best way to ensure that both of you understand the purpose of the meeting. Plus, open communication builds trust between you as the client and the lawyer you are going to work with. 

  1. Consider the Professional Fee for your Accident Lawyer

Before anything else, let’s not forget the cost of the services your lawyer is going to do for you. This is very important. Consider signing a contract that tells about the scope of work and the fees to be paid. Beware of companies that aren’t actually firms of personal injury lawyers or, if it’s a claims management company, check they’re specialised in personal injury claims and that they have great client feedback. All of them should tell you the amount of their professional fee and, if it’s no win no fee, check what percentage they’re proposing to take should the claim be successful. Note some injury lawyers will offer 100% of the compensation to you since they can recover costs from the other site. Others can charge anywhere from 10% to 33% or, in more rare cases, 50%+. Ensure you know what to expect before instructing them and make sure you shop around!

  1. Take a look at your personal injury lawyers bio

Aside from knowing the basic information about him or her, take a look at their work experience too. You can usually find this from the bio page on their injury law firm’s website. This is very helpful in that you’ll know how much experience your lawyer has and how likely they are to be able to help you settle for the most amount of compensation. A more experienced lawyer can usually give you faster and more effective advice and they can ensure you that your case is in the right hands. 

  1. Consider your accident claims lawyer’s personal injury specialisation

In finding a personal injury lawyer, you should know about their specialties or expertise. Note that ‘personal injury lawyer’ is a generic term covering a broad range of injury claims. It means that they may not handle all types of personal injury cases. Find a personal injury lawyer that matches your case. E.g. for a medical negligence case, look for a specialist medical negligence lawyer. For an accidents at work case, choose a lawyer who has a great deal of experience in handling workplace accident claims.

BONUS tip 6 – hire locally. Make sure your injury lawyer actually works in the ‘jurisdiction’ where you are (i.e. in the right country), and then it’s better if they’re local to you. National injury law firms and companies can be great too but you may not get the personalised service with local knowledge you may have been expecting.

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