Most Viewed Personal Injury Law Blogs 2010-2024

With over 65,000 visits, some of our most viewed personal injury law blog posts over the past 14 years have included the following:-

7 Examples of Medical Negligence

  • Learn about common instances of medical negligence that could lead to legal claims.

A List of Prominent Negligence Cases

  • Explore significant negligence cases that have shaped legal precedents.

Injury Lawyer Directory – Find the Best UK Personal Injury Law Firms

  • A directory to help you find top personal injury lawyers in the UK.

What Happens to Doctors Who are Guilty of Medical Malpractice

  • Discover the consequences doctors face when found guilty of medical malpractice.

Cities with the Most Car Accidents Per Capita

  • A list of cities with the highest rates of car accidents.

Guest Personal Injury Law Blogging & Content Marketing – Author Policies

  • Guidelines and policies for guest bloggers on personal injury law topics.

Juvenile vs. Adult Crime Rates- A Closer Look

  • A comparative analysis of crime rates between juveniles and adults.

Children With Sports Injuries: Who Is Liable?

  • Discussion on liability for sports-related injuries in children.

What State has the Most Lenient DUI/DWI Laws?

  • An overview of states with the most lenient DUI/DWI laws.

Health & Safety of Industrial Doors

  • Information on the safety standards and regulations for industrial doors.

What is the Body Worth: Looking at Injury Charts

  • How injury charts are used to determine the value of the human body in claims.

Do Bluetooth Systems in Vehicles Really Cut Down on Distracted Driving?

  • An analysis of the effectiveness of Bluetooth systems in reducing distracted driving.

Personal Vehicle Towing Liability for RV’ers

  • Liability concerns and regulations for RV owners who tow vehicles.

Common Latin Terms Used in Law

  • A guide to understanding frequently used Latin legal terms.

Claiming compensation for loss of taste and smell

  • Steps to claim compensation for loss of taste and smell due to injuries.

The Oldest Prisons in the U.S.

  • A historical look at some of the oldest prisons in the United States.

Trespassers Injured on Construction Sites – Can They Sue?

  • Legal implications of injuries to trespassers on construction sites.

What is the Settlement For A Knee Injury?

  • Typical settlements for knee injuries in personal injury claims.

Clinical negligence legal blog: Williams v Bermuda Hospitals Board – “material contribution” & causation

  • A detailed case study on clinical negligence and causation principles.

Top 10 Crazy Personal Injury Cases

  • A compilation of some of the most bizarre personal injury cases.

Common Car Malfunctions that Can Lead to Accidents

  • List of common car malfunctions that often result in accidents.

Personal Injury Attorney Legal Directory – Find Top Accident Attorneys USA

  • A directory to help you find top personal injury attorneys in the USA.

Best Ways to Decrease Ice Build-Up on Your Sidewalks and Driveways

  • Tips to prevent ice build-up on sidewalks and driveways during winter.


  • Contact information for Accident Claims Blawg.

Writing an Effective Demand Letter for Your Injury Claim

  • Guidance on drafting a compelling demand letter for injury claims.

The Division of Personal Injury Awards in a Texas Divorce

  • How personal injury awards are divided in Texas divorces.

An Overview of Bail Skipping

  • Explanation of the consequences and legal implications of bail skipping.

Golf Course Accidents: Who’s Liable For Injuries On The Link?

  • Liability issues surrounding accidents that occur on golf courses.

Understanding The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Your Case

  • How to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your legal case.

What is Market Share Liability?

  • An introduction to the concept of market share liability in law.

Premises Liability: Ohio “Recreational Use” statute

  • Details about Ohio’s “Recreational Use” statute and its implications for premises liability.

Top 5 Cities With The Highest Auto Accident Rates

  • A list of the top cities with the highest rates of auto accidents.

The Most Common Injuries Suffered by NBA Players

  • Common injuries that NBA players typically experience.

Guest Personal Injury Law Blogging & Content Marketing – Author Policies

  • Policies and guidelines for contributing as a guest blogger on personal injury law.