Common Car Malfunctions that Can Lead to Accidents

car malfunctionVehicle malfunctions can cause some of the worst imaginable accidents. Car malfunctions are sometimes rather innocuous, such as having the “check engine” light come on and stay on; no matter how many times a mechanic checks the engine. There are other malfunctions, however, that can be deadly. Most of them can be eliminated by simple maintenance. If you’re not taking your car in for regular maintenance work, you might be putting yourself and everyone else on the road at unnecessary risk.


This should be obvious enough. If your brakes malfunction, you can end up in an accident simply because you could not slow or stop. The brake system is likely more complex than regular people want to deal with, though it is within the realm of what those with moderate mechanical skills can fix. For most people, however, it’s imperative to get your brakes checked whenever there is a problem. Having to push the pedal very far toward the floor, squeaking and other signs of brake trouble need to be investigated right away. Just as a tip: it’s usually cheaper to have the brakes fixed if you do it right away and avoid more extensive damage.



Your headlights, of course, are the most important system on your vehicle when you’re driving at night, but you should leave them on during the day, too. One of the issues that urban drivers tend to have is that it’s hard to figure out when your headlights have actually gone out. Sometimes, it’s possible to leave them off and to drive around without even knowing it, due to the fact that streetlights will illuminate the roadways sufficiently in cities. If your headlights go out, however, you’re in real trouble and are presenting a serious risk to other drivers. Check your headlights often to make sure that they’re both working.

Do You Have an Issue?

The NHTSA has a database that you can sort through to find any problems that might be related to your particular vehicle. This includes recalls, so there is plenty of good information in the database that motorists should be aware of. If you’re considering purchasing a new car, it’s a good idea to check the NHTSA site first to see how the car stacks up in terms of testing, complaints and so forth.

Driving a car that is not properly maintained is most certainly negligent and, if such a driver destroyed your vehicle, caused you injury or worse, a lawyer may be able to help. Consultations are usually free from these professionals, so there’s no reason to delay.