Top 10 Crazy Personal Injury Cases

People do crazy things for money. It seems like nowadays everyone wants to sue or make outrageous allegations. From television judges to dramatic courtroom coverage, it has practically turned into a circus out there. Some people feel like they have a legitimate reason to sue after a personal injury, while others are just trying their hardest to get quick cash.

Although a handful of these cases involve serious injury or even death, which is no laughing matter, the details surrounding the situations are bizarre. After all, common sense goes a long away and, let’s face it, some people just don’t have it. Here are the top ten craziest lawsuits of all time (well, so far at least).

  1. SeaWorld Lawsuit

sea-world-personal-injury-caseA 27-year-old Florida man wanted so badly to swim with a killer whale. In 1999, rather than discussing a plan with professionals about how he can live out his dream of doing so, he hid in the beloved amusement park known as SeaWorld. Unnoticed by the security guards, he dove into the killer whale tank. Naturally, he was killed by the massive whale (hence the name: Killer Whale). All jokes aside, it was extremely tragic.

His parents sued SeaWorld for several wrongdoings including the fact that there were no warning signs posted about the dangers of the killer whale; that by swimming with the whale, it could in fact kill you. Further, the amusement park was portraying the whale in a false light. They promoted the giant sea creature to be friendly and even gentle based on the stuffed toys they sold in the gift shop.

  1. Subway Lawsuit

In New York, a man claims that the restaurant chain Subway baked a 7-inch plastic knife into his sandwich. He took a bite of the sub and found it in the bread. He did not swallow the small utensil nor did it do any damage to him physically other than a slight cut. However, the knife supposedly gave him stomach issues for several hours afterwards. He even allegedly contracted food poisoning from the dirty instrument. He is seeking a million dollars in damages.

  1. Taser vs. Gun

With all of the police brutality that is circulating lately, this one seems to follow suit. In California, a police officer claims a suspect became violent in the back of her patrol car. She drew what she thought to be her Taser to shock the criminal. However, it was actually her pistol, and she proceeded to shoot and kill the man. As a result, the California city is suing the Taser company because any police officer could make that same mistake—thinking the handle of a gun is the same as the handle of a Taser. The city is suing the company for the full cost of a wrongful death in accordance with a lawsuit on behalf of the victim’s family.

  1. Sue the Weatherman

People often joke about how the weatherman can be wrong at his work and get away with it. Well, not in Israel, after a woman sued a television station for an inaccurate weather prediction. Apparently, the weatherman of that particular station claimed the weather would be good on the day in question. Well, it actually rained. The woman then proceeded to say that because of this wrongdoing, she dressed inappropriately and suffered from personal injury. She caught the flu, which caused her to miss work and acquire medical expenses for treatment. Let’s not forget the stress this put on her. The court ruled in her favor for $1,000.

  1. Stopping for Donuts

In Houston, a hungry ambulance driver stopped at a local donut shop en route to the hospital. The only problem is he was transporting a youth suffering from minor injuries. The youth’s mother filed a complaint. To make things a little bit crazier, the ambulance driver then sued the city of Houston for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

  1. The Haunted House of Horrors Lawsuit

haunted-house-personal-injury-caseAfter visiting Universal Studios in Florida, a woman tried to sue the theme park, in 1998. She went through the Haunted House of Horrors and tried to claim the ride caused psychological trauma. However, her claim was dismissed. The court stated that, after visiting that particular ride, one could not make a viable personal injury claim. The entire point of the Haunted House of Horrors is, in fact, to scare the customers.

  1. Victoria’s Secret Lawsuit

This lawsuit includes a traffic officer in Los Angeles, a pair of thong Victoria Secret panties, and her eye. She was supposedly trying on a new pair of thong underwear when a metal clasp flew off at a high rate of speed, hitting her directly in the eyeball. Apparently, the panties were too tight. Nevertheless, the incident caused irreversible damage. She settled out of court for an unspecified amount of money.

  1. The Exploding Toilet

In 2007, a woman sued the landlords of her building because she suffered injury while on the toilet. Occurring in Philadelphia, the toilet in question exploded because of excessive water pressure. She was thrown from the toilet, which caused severe and permanent injuries, including lumbar spine sprains and sciatica problems. The lawsuit is still pending.

  1. Sue the Train

In New York City, a woman tried to commit suicide by laying down on the subway tracks. She wanted to be run over and killed by the train. However, when the train did, in fact, run her over, she was not killed. She only suffered injuries from the incident, rather than dying. She then sued the city of New York for her injuries. The Supreme Court awarded her over $14 million in personal injury damages.

  1. The Fear Factor Lawsuit

The show “Fear Factor” is full of crazy competitions. In 2005, a man sued NBC after watching contestants eat rats. He claims that while running away from the episode, he became nauseous and dizzy. After running into a door, he sustained head injuries. The man was asking for $2.5 million in personal injury damages. Well, he lost his case and was asked why he simply did not look away or turn the television off. All he had to do was change the channel.

If you feel you have a personal injury case in the US, no matter how crazy, you can contact Kopelman Sitton, a law firm of Atlanta, Georgia. And if you think you know of a personal injury case more bizarre or outrageous than the ones listed above, let us know.