Golf Course Accidents: Who’s Liable For Injuries On The Link?

While some individuals may view golf as a boring game, these are usually the people who haven’t actually hit the links and given it a chance. The sport is a favorite of everyone from stay-at-home dads who enjoy weekly Putt-Putt sessions to corporate millionaires who like to get away from the office every so often. Though the game is usually played as a way to relax and enjoy oneself, individuals have actually been injured while on the greens. This makes it imperative for golfers, the world over, to understand potential accidents and liability.

Accidents On The Greens

Many people find it hard to imagine how an accident can happen on the golf course, but if one were to really think about it, it’s surprising that these incidents don’t happen more often. There are literally hard golf balls flying in various directions, from often long distances away. Golfers even know to yell “fore” to alert others that a ball is flying through the air. Unfortunately, this warning is sometimes not enough and an unsuspecting golfer can catch a fast moving ball right in the head.

While the potential to get hit by flying golf balls does exist, many individuals actually suffer slip-and-fall accidents while on the links. These accidents, which can easily happen while on vacation as well, can lead to broken bones and even spinal cord injuries. One law firm, who residents feel have the best personal injury lawyer in Columbia SC, expresses,”Although most of us think of vacation as a break from work or studies for relaxation, travel, or recreation, the reality of it is that it does not provide us any exemption from injury.”

On courses that offer golf carts, a simple judgment error on upcoming terrain or a mechanical problem with the machine can lead to rollovers which can cause potentially serious injuries or death.

Who’s At Fault?

The question of who is at fault for an accident on the links can have a variety of answers. These answers often vary by state, and they can even vary within a state depending on what property the course is located on.   In instances where mechanical failures lead to an accident on a golf cart, it’s often the case that those who run the property will be at fault. If another golfer acts in some negligent way and causes an accident, however, the injured party can have their attorney file a claim against that individual.

One of the main contributors to accidents on the greens is poor grounds keeping. This can lead to various sorts of accidents, and in the majority of these cases, proper investigative techniques can show that the property owner was at fault due to the lack of premises care. Of course, it’s not always the case that the owners of the golf course will be at fault.

Accident Contributors

Everyone has experienced accidents in their lives, and if most individuals were honest with themselves, the majority of accidents were likely their own fault. This can also happen while out on the greens. A golfer who hurts himself while overreacting to a missed putt, for instance, will likely be unable to secure any compensation to help cover their medical bills.

Many individuals see having a few drinks on the links as an integral part of golfing. This, of course, can lead to accidents as well. Even in cases where some form of negligence on the part of the property owner leads to an accident, it’s possible, due to comparative negligence laws, that a person won’t recover as much compensation as they would’ve had the accident occurred while they were sober. Those injured in golf cart accidents while drinking and driving, however, likely can’t recover damages and may even face driving under the influence charges.

Golfing is actually one of the safest sports that a person can engage in. There’s no roughhousing and the potential for disputes is so minimal that, other than in major tournaments, officials are rarely used. When accidents do occur on the greens, however, they can be just as harmful as any other type of sporting injury. This is why every golfer should recognize the danger of being on the links while trying their hardest to avoid injuries. When this fails, however, it’s best to speak with a personal injury attorney.

Nadine Swayne gained a great deal of information by searching best personal injury lawyer in Columbia SC online, which led to the inspiration for this article. If you are a victim of an unfortunate accident while playing the greens, understand that liability is also covered on the links to get you fair compensation.